How to protect yourself from Privacy Invasion?

Are you a Traveller? Do you travel a lot? Have you ever stayed at a hotel? I bet most of you do or someone close to you may have, maybe your friend, relatives, wife or maybe your daughter. If then I am sure you might be concern about their security and privacy. Have you ever wondered, how to protect yourself from privacy Invasion. Today in this technologically advance era it is very difficult to protect our privacy. Invasion of privacy is just like a click away.

How to protect yourself from privacy invasion
Invasion of privacy

        Whether you are a businessman, women or an ordinary individual, Knowingly or unknowingly your privacy are being invaded constantly but the question here is how? And how to protect yourself from Privacy invasion. As the world is full of good and evil. We can’t really eliminate the evil but as a human being with limited power we can minimize it and protect ourselves safe from these evils by being aware.

meeting privacy invasion

Here are some of the common ways on How our privacy are being Invaded –

  • For Instance, you are a businessman, and you are having a meeting with your company’s management staff. You might be discussing company’s financials and roadmaps and those are highly sensitive and confidential. One can easily access that information by placing a mini audio recorder or a mini spy camera. (Also remember your smartphones are the biggest spy tools ever designed) And if all that is online it is pretty much easier to obtain that information by hackers. So, to prevent this a thorough security check is must. You can also sweep the room thoroughly with the help of a good bug detector which are easily available in the market.
smartphone data breach
  • Next on the list on how our privacy are being invaded are when we first step into the online world or when we buy a smartphone connected to the internet our data becomes an asset for those who seek it like most of the big corporates, marketing agencies, hackers or your information might be important to someone next to you. It can be done in numerous ways like someone secretly inserting keyloggers, a small tool which records your keystrokes to either access your passwords, information’s like bank details or browsing details. It can either be inserted physically by someone having access to your computer or smartphone or through online by unsecured websites, email attachments or from Porn sites. It can be prevented by updating your security Software’s and by not visiting unsecured websites or porn websites.
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  • Again, nowadays most of our privacy are being invaded by having tons of apps on our smartphone who knows a back door must have been left by the developer to access your data like text, images, financial information’s, call history or browsing history. So, to prevent this always look for the permissions you have granted to those apps. Remove all the unnecessary apps and your apps and security updated.
bug Detector
  • Another way on how our privacy is being invaded is when we travel to other places/countries due to work or vacation we tend to stay on hotels. Here comes the most crucial and scariest part. Here our privacy is being invaded by video surveillance. There are tons of product available in the market of hidden camera or mini camera, bulb spy camera, clock camera and tons of other different versions of spy cameras. In most of the cases hidden cameras are secretly installed either in bedrooms or bathroom and you will be under surveillance all the time. There are millions of similar cases in South Korea, Japan, India and each and every country. People are either being blackmailed threatening to leak those data’s or most of them remain unaware and left the country after vacation and those videos or information’s are then sold in the local black markets or in the dark net. Most of them after knowing didn’t complain due to embarrassment. If you search online, you will find millions of such cases happening daily in hotels, shopping mall trial rooms, hospitals, public bathrooms. So, to prevent all these if you are travelling you can either inquire about some reputed hotels or avoid using public bathrooms and the most effective instrument to prevent all these happening to you or your loved one you should have a good quality bug detector and to gift a good quality bug detector to someone whose privacy you are concerned about. Here, I am providing you the link of a top-rated bug detector on Amazon. Check
Bug sweeping
  • Another way your privacy may be invaded are if you are using public Wi-fi. Hackers with the right tools can access your system and collect your information. So, always use secured Wi-fi.
no free wifi

In addition to this if you click unnecessary links or visit unsecured websites or download unnecessary email attachments. Hackers may easily install malware into your system and can easily spy on you through your webcam even if the system is turned off. A piece of masking tape over your webcam may solve it. Even Mark Zuckerberg used to do that.

webcam covered with cello tape

So, to sum up as the technology advances people tends to come up with different ways to invade people’s privacy. We may not be able to eliminate them all, but we can prevent it by being aware and being safe. So, if you are online always update your securities, uninstall unnecessary apps or files, don’t visit unsecured sites and if you travel a lot a bug detector is a must have gadget to safeguard your privacy and avoid using public bathrooms or stuff whenever possible as we all know prevention is better than cure. Stay safe and stay Happy. Let us know in the comments if you have known any similar cases happened to your neighbor or to you.  

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